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Mobile App - Pinakin

Tamil Nadu Tourism in association with "Pinakin" offer Free audio guides for tourists. The audio guide is available for Andriod phones as well as Apple iOS users. The audio guide is designed to give you a good 1.30 hours to 2 hours of tour time for the tourist spot and helps you rediscover India and better perspective on enchanting Tamil Nadu. Well researched and curated, this is first of its kind in India with multiple languages to choose from. Information about the place, the ticket details, parking, facilities etc are also included. Tourists can use the link https://pinakinapp.app.link/1HfA0W007Bto redirect to the mobile app page. Alternatively, the app also be directly downloaded by searching for 'Pinakin' on Google Play or Apply App store.

The app works offline mode. Something that has been designed keeping in mind the foreign tourists. There is no need to worry about data network and connectivity as once the app is downloaded the audio guide can be accessed offline mode.