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Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Gangaikondaan Cholapuram is 70 kms from Thanjavur and 50 kms from Chdambaram. Rajendra Chola I the mighty king of Chola Dynasty established his new capital and built this magnificent temple for Lord Siva, equaled with that of Big Temple of Thanjavur. Rajendra Chola I during his campaign to the north, fetched water from river Ganga in Golden Pot and sanctified the water body. He was called as 'Gangaikondan' (the one who brought the Ganges). The entire region is filled with refreshing landscapes, River and Green fields for miles around.

The temple is noted for its massive and richly carved scultprues. A big Nandi , a Lion Head Well with a flight of steps and Gigantic Statues of Dwarapalakas [ entrance guards] are other special features of this temple. UNESCO declared Mahabalipuram as World Heritage Site in the year 2004.

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