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Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is 58 Kms South of Chennai. King Mahabali was killed by Lord Vishnu hence it was named Mahabalipuram ; The Pallava King Narasimha Varman I , a great wrestler, was called as MAMALLAN, hence it was named MAMALLAPURAM, are the two legends available related to the naming of this town. This has an exotic 20 Km Sea Shore that attracts both local and international Tourists. This was created by the Pallava Dynasty and was the seaport of Pallava Dynasty between 7th and 10th Century. 650 - 750 AD was considered as the Golden Age of Pallava dynasty.

It is known especially for its Temples in the form of Chariots called rathas, mandapams (cave sanctuaries), huge open-air reliefs such as the famous and excellent 100 foot long “Descent of the Ganges”/ “ Arjuna Penance”, and the temple Rivage with innumerable glorious sculptures of Lord Siva. Sculpture and Art college, Sculpture Workshops, Handicrafts, long and beautiful sea shore attracts millions of tourist throughout the year. Mahabalipuram was included in the World Heritage Monuments list of 1984 by UNESCO .

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