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thanjavur –big temple

Sri Brahadeeswara Temple is also called as Big Temple or Thanjai “Periya Koil”. Raja Raja Cholan I [985-1012] and Big Temple cannot be separated from each other. Hence this was called as Rajarajeswaram too. This temple was built in 1010 A.D and celebrated its Millennium year of existence in 2010. It’s Unique Architectural Excellence prompted UNESCO to declare this temple as World Heritage Monument in 1987. It is located amidst fortified walls added during 16th century. The beautiful Chola Fresco Paintings on the inner walls are often matched with those of Ajanta Caves.

The 14 tiered Pyramid Shaped Tower above the sanctum Sanctorum, is 216 feet tall. This tower is one of the tallest of its kind. Kumbam or Sikaram a bulbous structure above the tower cut out of one rock weighs 80 tons. This 80 ton Cupola or Sikaram, was rolled up to pinnacle with the help of Elephants, through an incline , beginning from the Village called Saara Pallam now called as Vayalur 6 Kms from the temple. This process is a testimony to the engineering excellence skill of the Chola Architects. The shadow of the Cupola does not fall on the ground.

The presiding Deity, Lingam is 13 ft. tall with a circumference of 54 ft, chiseled out of single rock. The Monolithic Nandi [sacred bull mount] is 12 ス feet tall, 8 feet long, 5 ft wide and weighs 25 tons. This Nandi is installed outside, in front of the sanctum Sanctorum. Contact : 04362-274476 for further details.

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